Local Outreach to Greater Niles:  We provide financial and cooperative support to several local organizations in Niles such as:


Five Pines Ministries 

Salvation Army

Habitat for Humanity

Reach the Forgotten – Jail Ministry



In addition to these annual commitments to local and foreign missions (see below), First Baptist Church is committed to helping the poor as part of Jesus’ command to spread the Gospel. We also assist individuals and families  in our church and community from our Deacon fund.
Jeff and Annie Dieselberg serve in Bangkok, Thailand, through International Ministries.  The local ministry is called NightLight Foundation, and they offer intervention to women and children in the areas of human trafficking and prostitution.

Russ and Debbie Chasteen
Black Forest Academy
Kandern, Germany

Jim and Louise Lindquist
Bukavu, DR Congo

Wayne is helping Congolese grow more food to make a living. He is part of a team of local and international participants that are implementing a development project which distributes new seeds, disease resistant varieties of crops, and makes small loans to finance improved processing methods.  Katherine works with a group of Congolese Christian professionals to train urban and rural health care promoters. The staff of a church-related health center in Kinshasa is also using her expertise to make their medical ministry more holistic as they care for urban poor people.

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